2012: Peyton Manning

July 15, 2016

Passing yards: 4,659TD/INT: 37/11Passer rating: 105.8This is one of the toughest years to pinpoint the belt holder. The margin between Manning, Brady and Rodgers was incredibly thin, especially since none of them advanced to the Super Bowl and all performed below expectations in their respective playoff losses. Part of me just wants to hand it to Joe Flacco, who turned into Joe Montana during the playoffs and scorched every defense who dared challenge Baltimore in its run to Super Bowl XLVII.But that’d be doing a disservice to the aforementioned trio, who ran laps around Flacco during the regular season. One guy in particular wowed football fans with an unexpected resurgence.After missing the 2011 campaign due to neck surgery, Manning proved he was still at the top of his game at age 36. The Sheriff was the only quarterback to rank in the top three of passing touchdowns, passer rating, yards per attempt and completion percentage (league-best 68.6). He was also the only quarterback to receive MVP votes in a year when Adrian Peterson ran for 2,000 yards to net the award.Though Manning’s back-breaking interception in overtime put the Ravens in prime position for the game-winning field goal of the Mile High Miracle, he would’ve never been in that position if Rahim Moore had just covered his side of the field on the ” Flacco Fling.”