Natalie Portman seeks restraining order

February 23, 2019 GMT

Natalie Portman is seeking a restraining order against a man who claims to have a telepathic connection with her.

The ‘Black Swan’ actress has made an application against the guy, whose real name has not been made public but who identified himself as John Wick when confronted by police after he showed up at her house and tried to get into her gated community last month.

While the specific details of her request were not available, the Blast has confirmed her petition is connected with an application for a firearms restraining order filed two weeks prior by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) against someone with the same name.


The LAPD petition claims that on January 31, “a high-profile actor of international notoriety” reported a man trespassing on her property.

The officer who submitted the report explained the man “rang the intercom/doorbell multiple times but said nothing when attempts to engage him were made over the intercom”.

When police mde contact with him, “he identified himself as John Wick, even though officers had his Colorado Driver’s License which confirmed his true identity.”

The man told them he had “spoken to the reporting person several times, telepathically, and that he had traveled from Colorado to Los Angeles to meet the individual.”

The man refused to respond when the officers called him by his name, but gave “limited and delayed” replies when they called him John.

He was eventually placed under a mental health hold and the detective had the firearms restraining order granted.

It is currently unclear whether the 37-year-old star - who has two children, Aleph, seven, and 23-month-old Amalia with dancer husband Benjamin Millepied - has had her application for a restraining order granted.