Land dispute leaves 13 dead in southern Mexico

July 17, 2018 GMT

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Thirteen people were killed in southern Mexico after a land dispute between two rural communities led to bloodshed.

The prosecutors’ office in southern Oaxaca state said Tuesday that 11 men and two women died and another was wounded in the attack late Monday. One person is missing.

The victims were killed in a disputed area between the hamlets of San Lucas Ixcotepec and Santa Maria Ecatepec.

Prosecutors said inhabitants of Santa Maria had come to clear land for planting when they came under attack from residents of San Lucas.

The two hamlets have been fighting over agricultural parcels in the area since the 1970s.

However, disputes have grown more deadly as drug crop cultivation has increased. The area is a large producer of opium poppies and marijuana.

Police sent in 42 officers to prevent further violence.