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Wives Of National Leaders To Attend Conference On Drug Abuse

April 8, 1985

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Nancy Reagan will be joined by the first ladies of 18 countries later this month when she sponsors a conference on drug abuse for the wives of other national leaders, the White House announced Monday.

Mrs. Reagan’s office said those visiting the United States for the first ladies’ summit in Washington on April 24 and Atlanta on April 25 include:

-Maria Lorenza Barreneche de Alfonsin of Argentina.

-Teresa Ormachea de Siles of Bolivia.

-Risoleta Tolentinno Neves of Brazil.

-Mila Mulroney of Canada.

-Rosa Helena Alvarez de Betancur of Colombia.

-Eugenia Cordovez de Febres Cordero of Equador.

-Marianne von Weizsaecker of West Germany.

-Joan Fitzgerald of Ireland.

-Anna Maria Craxi of Italy.

-Mitsy Seaga of Jamaica.

-Tsutako Nakasone of Japan.

-Dr. Siti Hasmah of Malaysia.

-Sarojini Devi Jugnauth of Mauritius.

-Paloma Cordero de La Madrid of Mexico.

-Anne Marie Willoch of Norway.

-Begum Shafiq Zia of Pakistan.

-Maria Consuelo Rivera de Ardito Barletta of Panama.

-Maria Manuela Eanes of Portugal.

Mrs. Reagan has invited her counterparts from various nations to hear a series of speakers on the personal, national and international aspects of illegal drug issues and to visit a drug counseling center in Atlanta.

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