Bullock has been good for state

October 29, 2016 GMT

I am a scientist at a high-tech photonics company in Bozeman and a former City Councilor in Livingston. I will be voting for Gov. Steve Bullock because he represents strong moral values and is good for Montana businesses.

Bullock significantly reduced dark money in our local elections. This was particularly important in Livingston when outside dark money invaded our municipal elections and displayed a complete lack of ethics. They were ultimately defeated, because our community came together and rejected their extremist behavior and vulgar lies, and because of Bullock’s actions, dark money is no longer a factor in Montana’s elections.

Bullock is also good for Montana businesses. His economic development office helped our company develop a worldwide distribution network that imports over $1 million of revenue annually from overseas directly into Montana.

I support Bullock because he is good for our economy, our businesses and our communities. Please join me in re-electing Gov. Bullock on Nov. 8.

Adam Stern