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Standard 10: Chris Roberts rumbles into season with a ton of momentum

August 14, 2017

Part of progression in sports revolves around one question: “What’s next?”

Consider how that works in high school football. A team and/or player has a great year: How do they build on that? If the team loses significant contributors: How will they rebuild? For the players who’ve exhausted their eligibility: What do they have planned for the next level? And so on.

Keeping that in mind – what in the world is South Aiken running back Chris Roberts going to do for an encore after a season in which he accounted for more than 2,100 yards of offense and 27 touchdowns?

We’ll soon find out, and that package of prolific production and prodigious potential is why Roberts is No. 1 on The Standard 10, the list of area football players to watch this season.

Last year’s numbers – 2,140 yards, 27 touchdowns, 11 100-yard rushing games and 11 games with a touchdown – only got better as the season went along. His finest 2-and-a-half hours came in the state semifinals against South Pointe, a 302-yard, five-touchdown Friday night that nearly sent the T-Breds to the state championship game.

That night, Roberts was thinking about the seniors and wanting to get the job done for them. This year is his senior season, and he said he’s working harder because he’s trying to reach even higher goals than before. And, like always, he credited his offensive line for last year’s outburst. That’s the kind of thing that doesn’t go unnoticed by head coach Chris Hamilton.

“Chris is the type of guy that always works hard, and he’s always humble,” Hamilton said. “The way he works this summer is just as hard, if not harder than the way he worked the past couple summers.

“If you were just to talk to him, you’d never know he’s as good as what he is. Because of that, I think that’s what makes him such a good player. He’s a good teammate, and he’s a good guy everybody rallies around, too. I’m just proud of him, the way he does work. It’s nice to coach kids like that.”