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The Secret Is Out: Zsa Zsa is 72

November 4, 1989 GMT

SEATTLE (AP) _ The debate over Zsa Zsa Gabor’s age need rage no more, says a former finishing school classmate who claims to have proof the Hungarian-born entertainer is 72.

Elizabeth Nussbaum also said the teen-age Zsa Zsa displayed the same talkative nature that marked her recent trial on various charges, including slapping a police officer.

″Oh, boy, she had a temperament. She had a good personality but her mouth was always open,″ she said in an interview in Friday’s edition of The Seattle Times.

Mrs. Nussbaum, who is 73 and lives in Seattle with her retired husband, has a memory book from Madame Subillia’s School for Young Ladies in Lausanne, Switzerland.

In it is a photograph of her classmates, including a young Zsa Zsa. As was the custom in those days, the girls wrote down their birthdays under their names.

The date under Zsa Zsa’s name: Feb. 6, 1917.

Miss Gabor’s age has long been a subject of speculation, even before she appeared in a Beverly Hills, Calif., court.

She was convicted and sentenced to serve three days in jail, perform 120 hours of community service and pay almost $13,000 in fines and restitution. She has said she will serve the jail time but still plans to appeal.

Her driver’s license listed her birthdate as Feb. 6, 1928, but it had been written in ink. Miss Gabor explained that ″Mexicans″ had stolen and altered the license.

Mrs. Nussbaum said she and Zsa Zsa roomed with another girl at the Swiss finishing school when she was 17 and the future Hungarian beauty queen was 15.

″She was fat in those days,″ Mrs. Nussbaum remembered. ″She was not some small little girl.″

The only picture missing from her memory book was one of Zsa Zsa in a bathing suit. Her brother took that picture long ago, Mrs. Nussbaum said.