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Crayola unveils eight new 1970s crayon colors

February 5, 1997

NEW YORK (AP) _ Do bright purple bell bottoms make you cringe? Or how about a deep green lava lamp or that dark blue mood ring?

Better get used to those colors again because the 1970s are back, at least in your kids’ crayon boxes. Crayola crayons on Tuesday unveiled eight new ``retro″ colors that will invoke memories of the disco decade.

There’s the sunny orange that’s reminiscent of the shag rug in your family’s den and the soft red-brown that’s sure to muster up thoughts of those corduroy pants you had to have in high school.

The rich avocado green or the mustard gold could have been the color of anyone’s refrigerator in the ’70s, and the reddish-pink resembles that frosty lip gloss popular then.

None of the new colors have yet been named. Instead, Crayola-owner Binney & Smith is holding a nationwide contest to pick the names.

Children 12 years old and under are asked to name a crayon after their role model and submit a short essay on why the crayon should be named after that person. In October, the eight winners and their role models will unveil the new crayon names.

With the eight new colors, Easton, Pa.-based Binney & Smith now produces 104 crayon colors. The new ’70s colors can be found in boxes containing 64 or 96 crayons.

After they’ve been named, the new colors will be rotated back into the Crayola crayon assortment.


Editor’s note: Submissions can be mailed to Crayola True Blue Heroes; P.O. Box 3546; Easton, Pa., 18043; by May 15. Entries can be sent by e-mail to http://www.crayola.com by May 31.

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