Officers probe shooting of black vulture

February 26, 2018

State Environmental Conservation Police are looking for the person who shot a black vulture.

Last Monday, EnCon officers were contacted by a wildlife rehabilitator in Watertown to report that a black vulture had recently been shot and suffered a broken wing.

“The veterinarian informed the investigating officer that vultures are known to be excellent runners and the animal may have been shot in Watertown or a surrounding town. It is illegal to hunt or shoot black vultures,” EnCon police posted on its Facebook page.

According to the Connecticut Audubon Society, black vutures are most common in the western part of the state.

The vultures search for food over open areas, often along highways searching for roadkill.

“Unlike turkey vultures, black vultures do not have a strong sense of smell. In fact, they monitor turkey vulture activity by flying higher than that species and following them to carrion supplies, often displacing the turkey vultures once they arrive in numbers,” Audubon says.

The black vultures have are between 20 and 26 inches in length and have a wingspan of nearly five feet.

The birdd are protected by law in most of the United States.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident or knows who may shot this bird please contact our 24 hour emergency dispatch center at (860) 424-3333 or toll free at (800) 842-4357 (Reference State EnCon Police Case 18-3239). All calls will be kept confidential.