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Montefiore’s Carriage Burned in Jerusalem

December 11, 1986 GMT

JERUSALEM (AP) _ A luxurious 19th century coach that belonged to a British Jewish philanthropist was destroyed by fire, a Jerusalem police spokesman said.

″Our findings clearly point to arson,″ Rafi Levi said of the Wednesday fire.

The sumptuous carriage belonged to Sir Moses Montefiore, a Jewish nationalist who financed Jewish building projects and charitable institutions in Palestine in the last century.

It was on permanent display in a windmill Montefiore built for the first Jewish neighborhood located outside the walls of the old city.


Montefiore used the carriage, decorated with golden arabesques and his personal coat of arms, to travel between London and his country home at Ramsey. It was drawn by six horses.

The philanthropist helped pave the way for modern political Zionism and visited the Holy Land seven times between 1827 and 1875.