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Tom Parlin: Life begins at conception

November 9, 2017

I am compelled to respond to the opinion piece entitled “Why life doesn’t begin at conception” authored by Dr. Richard Paulson. He claims the argument that life begins at conception is a “religious definition” and has no basis in science. He further states that both the sperm and the egg are alive and fertilization is not instantaneous.

Even so, when the sperm joins the egg, they are no longer just an egg and just a sperm. Something new is formed. I call that human life. The only outcome of this joining is an ever growing unborn child, whether formed in the uterus or in a laboratory. An unborn child may die, but this does not preclude the fact that he/she was alive.

Dr. Paulson, no doubt, is convinced of his position, but he also has a bias. His work as an infertility specialist is dependent on treating his subject, the fetus, as a product. He does not reveal when he thinks human life begins. The morally safer course is to proceed on the assumption that life begins at conception.

Tom Parlin, Winona