In Trump, what’s not to trust?

July 25, 2018 GMT

Why should we not forgive our harassed-by-the-fake-news-press president who doesn’t know about double negatives as do most fourth-graders? After all, he apologized and stated: “So you can put that in and I think that probably clarifies things pretty [good] (sic.) Was it in fifth grade that we learned the difference between adjectives and adverbs?

What do all you supporters expect of the leader of the free world — that he also speaks proper English? Let’s look at the positive side. He made a lot of money in the hotel business with just a few bankruptcies; now he is confident he can make our country great again though his superior intelligence and expertise in barriers. So what’s not to trust?

Frank Hirsch


No Kavanaugh

The main reason, maybe the only reason, not to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as a U.S. Supreme Court justice is that, according to his writings, he believes that the president should not be held accountable for crimes he or she may commit. No one, including the president, should be above the law. Ever. Period.

Mary Ellen Gonzales

Santa Fe

Why the gender?

I was pleased to hear that Mary Harrison’s dog and car have been recovered (“Many happy returns for stolen dog,” July 17). But I was concerned that your reporter felt it necessary to point out that the Verizon staff member who helped Mary locate her vehicle was female. I wondered if the writing reflected a belief that women aren’t tech-savvy. In any case, the gender of the operator is not newsworthy and should not have been mentioned.

P. B. Harper

Santa Fe

Installing Pence

The competent observer is aware that President Donald Trump’s official behavior has become more and more offensive, erratic and contradictory. This is grievous evidence that he cannot cope with the demands of his office or the consequences of his assertions. This confronts we the people with a grave, unprecedented crisis and challenge, arousing mostly hand-wringing and calls for impeachment. But that is a lengthy process of allowing the crisis to worsen. We need instead a workable way to right ourselves and our country.

There is a way. It is not easy, and the chance of having instant gratification is slim to none. But it is straightforward and politic, that is to say, sensible and judicious under the circumstances. Perhaps more importantly it is ethical. Congress must overcome its partisanship, remove Trump for incapacity and install Vice President Mike Pence to serve out the term. Who knows and who should care whether this would give an advantage to one or the other of our national political parties? It is more important that America quits rolling in the mud and cleans up its act.

Gabe Hanson

Santa Fe

Who’s to blame?

Wanna know why government is disrespected? That helicopter buzzing over downtown Friday during the National Governors Association conference in Santa Fe (“Governors conference puts Santa Fe in global spotlight,” July 15). Who is responsible?

Philip Kithil

Santa Fe

Security overreach

One wonders who had the cockamamie idea to have helicopters circling all day Friday during the National Governors Association conference (Governors conference puts Santa Fe in global spotlight,” July 15). The noise was constant and a real nuisance to those of us who live anywhere near downtown. Too bad the governors did not get to enjoy the normal peace and tranquility we treasure. No doubt our police-obsessed governor would have approved, but one wonders what good it did. It ranks right up with having the police cars with lights flashing at the entrances to the annual Canyon Road Christmas Eve Farolito Walk on the east side at Christmas.

We all appreciate the efforts of our law enforcement officers to do a good job. But can’t someone portion the nuisance factor to the “threat?”

Jim Hays

Santa Fe

Don’t miss it

Several friends and I recently spent a terrific Saturday evening seeing The Sweetest Swing in Baseball at the Studio Center (formerly Warehouse 21). It was a smart play performed by a small tight ensemble of extremely talented actors, including the very versatile Debrianna Mansini. It was sweet, funny, sad, thought-provoking and not as well attended as an offering of this quality should be. It plays through Sunday. Don’t miss it.

Cathlynn Groh

Santa Fe