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Nass shouldn’t smear GAB judges -- Diana Vance

February 7, 2018 GMT

The Government Accountability Board was beyond reproach, and the only reason it no longer exists is because it was beyond reproach.

The judges who served the GAB are persons of great integrity, and it angers me that Sen. Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, called the GAB a “rogue agency.”

That is an insult that requires an answer. A “fair and honest review” of the work done by the members of the GAB should transpire. Their letter said they welcome it. The only problem is: Who is going to do it?

Republicans serving in the government don’t know the meaning of fair and honest, and they conduct their business with “flawed management.”

So I throw your words back to you, Sen. Nass, because I don’t think you would understand what character, fair-mindedness and integrity mean. The GAB did its job with merit and truth. No matter how pained you get, you will never reach up to them.

Diana Vance, Monroe