Forum Biden the right person for the job

May 15, 2019 GMT

Joe Biden coming into the race for the Democratic nomination for president could be a game changer if the so-called progressive wing of the Democratic Party will give him a chance.

Of all the 20 or so candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for President, Biden is the only one who can unequivocally beat Trump in 2020.

Is the 2020 race all about dumping Trump or is it to be an election to demonstrate how far to the left the Democratic Party can go?

To begin with, let’s accept as fact that Joe Biden made a few mistakes over his many years of public service. Who has not? Even Bernie Sanders, the leader of the socialist-progressive movement, would like to take back some of his votes.


Biden is right on target, however, when he talks about this election being about the soul of America. Trump supporters, who represent about 38 percent to 40 percent of the electorate, have made it appear to be acceptable for a President to be a congenital liar, a monumental fool, and often inappropriately angry, disgruntled, and irrational.

Dumping Trump is the prize of the 2020 election. It should be a sure thing, but it cannot happen unless the Democrats regain the support of the traditional base of the Blue Party: hardworking, middle-income folks and a large chunk of upper-income people.

Biden can attract them. I don’t believe other announced candidates can.

Biden knows all about pain and tragedy. His first wife, Neilia, and baby daughter, Naomi, died in a car accident in 1972. His son, Beau, died from brain cancer in 2015. I truly believe that Joe Biden is running not out of ego but rather because he knows how important this election is to the future of our country.

He is a young 76 and can take a punch, which anyone running against Trump must be able to do. He also has the resolve and the guts to hit back when necessary.

Significantly, Biden is a centrist, believes in bipartisanship and is a person who unites rather than divides. That is exactly what the country needs at this juncture. As a centrist, he will develop needed support from America’s heartland.

What Biden should do, if at all possible, is team up with Kamala Harris, U.S. senator from California and in her own right a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president. The two running together would be a powerful, unbeatable ticket and satisfy the vast majority of voters in this country. In the meantime, watch for brutal attacks from the far left of the Democratic Party against Joe Biden. Winning the election, to them, is not what 2020 is all about. To them, it is all about nominating a candidate who stands for their principles whether or not that candidate can win.


This is not the time for extremists, regardless of party affiliation.

Biden is the right person at the right time to knock out Trump and become President. With Kamala Harris as vice president, it is a team with experience and integrity and clearly deserving of the nation’s backing.

Edward L. Marcus is former chairman of the Democratic State Central Committee in Connecticut and former state Senate majority leader. His office is in Branford.