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Wake Schools parents can now track kids’ buses with new app

August 22, 2017 GMT

As the new school year gets underway, parents of students in Wake County Public Schools can track their kid’s bus with a new app.

The Here Comes the Bus app uses GPS data to track buses as they are on their routes and allows parents to see how close the bus is to a stop. Parents can set up a radius around their home to alert them to when the bus is approaching.

“I’ve created a 500 square foot radius around our house, so when that bus hits that radius, it notifies us that it is within our community,” said said parent Jeremy Jenkins.

Year-round and modified calendar bus rider families are able to use the app now, and traditional-calendar families will get access several weeks after the start of school.

“We have a 20 minute delay sometimes, depending on the day or the weather, so it’s a huge help for me to know when I need to be home and making sure he’s safe,” Jenkins said.

Officials said the app will track about 750 buses once traditional-calendar routes are brought up to speed.

The app is free and works on computers, tablets or smart phones. Parents will need their district’s code and their student’s ID number to sign up.

While the app will give parents a better way to track a bus route, school officials said it’s not 100 percent reliable because it doesn’t track substitute buses. On average, 10 percent of the buses on the street on any given day are substitutes.

“End of the day, it’s on us. Ninety percent of the time is better than zero, so I am really happy about the app,” Jenkins said.