Heidi Montag’s post baby body

December 22, 2017 GMT

Heidi Montag credits “running around the house” for keeping her in shape.

The ‘Hills’ star welcomed son Gunner Stone into the world in October and has revealed it is running after the little one that has perfected her post-baby body.

She said: “Well I have already lost 25 lbs post baby body! I have had base training with Michael Casey so I have been doing that, but mostly just running around the house. I just don’t put Gunner down very often, so I’m bouncing on the ball with him sometimes for four hours straight. I am just running around so much that I think [the weight] is shedding so quickly, plus breastfeeding. And running around with my dogs and Gunner, I literally don’t stop all day.

“I think that when you’re pregnant, or when I was pregnant, I splurged on a lot more things ... when I was pregnant, I could eat all day. So much of my day was eating and indulging and everything like that, and now as a mom I barely have one minute to eat everything as fast as I can.”

Heidi tries to opt for “nutritious” food but admits it is tough as she’s always rushing to eat so she can get on with something else.

She added to E! News: “I feel like Garfield, that cartoon, where he literally just shoves everything down his throat and I really focus on such nutritious things because I only have X amount of time to eat, I don’t really have time to add it in later in the day.

“I try to get protein with every meal, and then with lunch and dinner I make sure to have a vegetable in there and then I try to add some kind of whole grains or else I just get too hungry. I need a lot of things to snack on because sometimes I am eating one bite of something and that’s all I have time for.”