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Anacortes refinery operating under new ownership

October 26, 2018

The Marathon Petroleum refinery in Anacortes, which formerly operated as Andeavor, will see little change in its day-to-day operations following its merger with Marathon Petroleum Corporation, refinery spokesperson Matt Gill said.

The sale was finalized earlier this month.

The $23.2 billion sale of Andeavor to Marathon was first announced in April.

The sale means the company will have a capacity of 3 million barrels of oil a day, Gill said, making it the top refiner by capacity in the United States. Together, operations span 41 states and parts of Mexico.

Ohio-based Marathon has operations concentrated in the east, while Andeavor, formerly known as Tesoro, has operations in the west.

Following the acquisition, Gill said there have been no changes to the Anacortes refinery’s leadership, and staff numbers remain stable at about 425 full-time employees.

“Marathon Petroleum is committed to investing in its assets and its people, and being part of a larger combined organization will give us additional capabilities to continue our commitment,” Gill said.

There are no immediate plans to make changes to the community investment initiatives Andeavor has in place, such as donating to county Boys & Girls Clubs, Gill said.

“In fact, we hope this transaction will provide us additional opportunities to further our community engagement,” he said.