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VALLEY SANTA: Local Woman Caring For Her Mother, Young Sons Struggling This Christmas

November 14, 2018 GMT

Cindy, a single mother, and her two boys live with her mother who is battling Crohn’s Disease and recovering from several surgeries.

“This year has been extremely hard on us,” Cindy wrote in a letter to Valley Santa. “With having my children and my mother to take care of, this makes me unable to work at a full-time job.”

Cindy had filed for child support but she said she hasn’t received any money for the last two months.

“Despite contacting multiple people throughout the Domestic Relations Office, they have been unsuccessful and do not know when my next support payment might be,” she wrote.


Cindy said cold and flu season also has started early in her house. Her 9-year-old son Aiden and her 6-year-old son Josh have been back and forth to urgent care centers and doctor appointments.

She does not drive so any money that she had saved was spent on transportation.

“I am struggling to get my boys their necessities while trying to make sure all of our bills are up to date,” she wrote.

Cindy asked for Valley Santa’s help so that her two sons have Christmas presents. Both boys would like board games, Legos or Crayola art supplies.

Valley Santa relies on donations to purchase the gifts and volunteers shop for and wrap the toys at Boscov’s in Wilkes-Barre.

“I truly do appreciate your generosity,” Cindy wrote.