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Biden Says He Would Not Pick Jackson As a Running Mate

June 11, 1987 GMT

BOSTON (AP) _ Presidential hopeful Sen. Joseph Biden says he would not pick Jesse Jackson as a running mate, apparently because Jackson lacks experience in high elective office.

″If you’re asking whether I would choose a black man or woman for a running mate, the answer is yes,″ the Delaware Democrat said Wednesday in a television interview. ″If you’re asking whether I’d choose Jesse Jackson, the answer is no.″

Jackson, who ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1984 and is an undeclared candidate in the 1988 contest, has said he would accept the nomination for vice president.


″I would not choose a number of people out there,″ Biden told WNEV-TV. He said he thought it was important that whoever is on the ticket, both president and vice president, ″be someone who has significant experience in elective office in high government positions.″

Biden spokesman Larry Rasky later said Biden’s remarks weren’t a challenge of Jackson’s qualifications to run.

″Biden believes the voters decide who has the qualifications for president,″ he said.