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Bannock Youth Foundation and United Way of Southeastern Idaho live united

March 19, 2019 GMT

What is Bannock Youth Foundation?

Bannock Youth Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Pocatello providing a variety of services for youth and their families. The Foundation is comprised of Bannock House, The Family Resource Center, MK Place and Square 1.

Bannock Youth Foundation’s History

Bannock Youth Foundation was started in 1978 as a runaway & homeless youth shelter. It has grown over the last 40 years to provide a wide variety of services including shelter, counseling, adolescent substance abuse treatment, parent education, independent living resources, treatment family services and transitional living.


Partnership with the United Way

This week we will focus on two of Bannock Youth Foundation’s programs supported by the United of Southeastern Idaho: The Nurturing Parenting Program and the BabySteps Program provided by The Family Resource Center.

Bannock Youth Foundation’s Family Resource Center was opened in 2000 to provide resources and referrals to families in our region. We have grown over the last 19 years and are now providing two United Way funded programs, The Nurturing Parenting Program and the BabySteps Program.

The Nurturing Parenting Program is an evidence-based parenting curriculum offered in several formats. There are two parenting classes available: Nurturing Parenting for Families with Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers and Nurturing Parenting for Families with School-Age Children. Both of these groups are offered twice each year. Parents attend with their children and are provided dinner and child-care for their children under the age of 6. Older children attend their own class during the parenting class that focuses on the same topic the parents will be discussing. At the end of each group, parents & children come together to practice the skills they have learned through a fun activity. Any family with children under the age of 12 are welcome to attend. The Nurturing Parent curriculum is also incorporated into our Developmental Playgroups. This program invites families with children ages 2-4 to participate in a weekly playgroup focused on early childhood development and preparing children for kindergarten.

The BabySteps Program is an education and incentive program for families who are currently pregnant or have a child under the age of 18 months. Each week BabySteps provides a discussion group and an information group. Families are welcome to attend one or both groups each week. Presenters from other family serving agencies are invited to share information about services they can provide as well as education regarding the health of young children. Families can earn points by attending these groups, as well as other health related appointments such as prenatal care, well-child checks, WIC appointments and parenting classes. With their points, families are able to purchase items in the BabySteps store including diapers, wipes, car seats, thermometers, baby monitors and more.


Get Involved!

If your family would like to be a part of the Nurturing Parenting Program or the BabySteps Program, please contact us at 208-234-1122 for more information. You can also contact us by email at heather.kemp@byfhome.com.

If you are interested in supporting BabySteps or the Nurturing Parenting Program through donations of baby care items or providing health information for families, please contact Heather Kemp at 208-234-1122 ext. 19 or at heather.kemp@byfhome.com.

Heather Kemp is the Director of the Family Resource Center at Bannock Youth Foundation. She has been with Bannock Youth Foundation for 19 years. She is part of the United Way’s imPACT East Idaho Early Learning Steering Committee focusing on Kindergarten Readiness for students in School District #25.