Toomey Should Wait On Kavanaugh

September 4, 2018

Editor: I’d like to thank U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey for a letter responding to my concerns about the lifetime appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. In his letter, Toomey stated: “Based on my review of his record and our conversation, it is clear to me that Judge Kavanaugh has the character, intellect, experience, and judicial philosophy to be an outstanding Supreme Court Justice.” Merrick Garland was also know for his character, intellect, experience, and judicial philosophy. Toomey and his colleagues would not even meet with him when President Obama nominated him in 2016. Please do not insult my intelligence by framing this decision today as parallel to that of the Sotomayor nomination. Toomey and the GOP acted unconstitutionally in refusing to advise and consent on Obama’s nomination. I do not believe that a president under investigation for obstruction of an investigation into foreign interference in our democracy should be able to make any lifetime appointments to the bench. I urge Toomey to wait on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh until the Special Counsel’s investigation is completed. Kay Strickland SHAVERTOWN