SideTrack: Mark Wahlberg, Julian Edelman, Bruno Mars and more...

June 20, 2017 GMT

TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY: Mark Wahlberg has been racking up the frequent flyer miles these past couple of weeks, bouncing between Rome, London and New York. But he’s back in Massachusetts — at least he was last night. Wahlberg walked the red carpet at the Showcase Live theater in Foxboro’s Patriot Place for an advance screening of “Transformers: The Last Night.” The actor was joined by Brian Goldner, Hasbro chairman/CEO and executive producer of the latest “Transformers” flick, to celebrate, play games and have a sneak peek of the film among friends and family.

WHEN IN ROME: Or, Mexico City, as the case may be. That’s where New England Patriots wide receivers Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola took a break this weekend, and tried their hands at lucha libre, aka Mexican professional wrestling. Amendola posted a video of him and Edelman with pro luchadores at a wrestling gym. “I want to do something crazy today,” Amendola says in the video. “So do I,” answers Edelman. Lucha libre, FYI, is known for its colorful masks, which the Pats players put on, and mucho drama. The pair got in some impressive jump-off-the-ropes, knock-an-opponent-down-with-your-feet moves. Most tourists just visit the Zocalo, so good for you guys. And very luchador-able. We’ll see ourselves out.

CASE OF THE GIGGLES: Some graduates reluctantly enter the real world. But the grad class for Boston Medical Center’s emergency room doctors, who spent more than 12 years working toward their goal of becoming legitimate medical professionals, did it with style. In a cover of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” the young physicians jammed out about life in the ER. Check out the “BMC Funk” video on YouTube and you’ll be in for oodles of silly, and at times cringe-worthy, medical puns.

YACHT’S NICE: This is lovely weather for a boat ride — and if you’re A-listers like Goldie Hawn and Springfield’s own Kurt Russell, you sashay that sloop into the Mediterranean. PopSugar reported the pair parked off the coast of Greece late last week, making like that fun couple in “Overboard” — without the amnesia, of course. They’ve been together 34 years, can you believe it?