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Tag-it Tech Inc. Announces Field Test Agreement with TheraCann International

November 6, 2019 GMT

SEATTLE, Nov. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- TheraCann International and Tag-it Tech Inc. announced that they have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to conduct field tests designed to verify “on product” tracking technologies utilizing Tag-it Tech’s Natural Tracking System® (NTS®)

“We are in process of confirming multiple Tag-it Tech applications and working toward completing a definitive agreement to include NTS as part of the ETCH biotrace global solution,” said Chris Bolton, CEO of TheraCann International.

Tag-it Tech’s solution provides TheraCann’s ETCH biotrace with new tracking technologies that will compliment all of the advanced technologies that TheraCann provides their customers. TheraCann believes that a suite of technologies will best meet the needs and expectations of customers producing cannabis products in different outdoor and indoor conditions, as well as different pre- and post-processing environments.

“Multiple tracking technology solutions will enable TheraCann’s ETCH biotrace to provide our customers with a broader scope of supply chain solutions that are reliable, economical, practical, scalable, safe, and secure,” said Mr. Bolton.

Tag-it Tech’s revolutionary tracking system applies invisible coded micro-taggants called TruTags® directly to the surface of hemp and cannabis products. Once applied, TruTags are easily read in seconds using current model cell phones or proprietary readers. The technology enables anyone to verify the origin and ownership of hemp and cannabis products in seconds. No sample preparation or forensic lab analyses are required. The user-friendly convenience of rapid reads makes TruTags superior to all other “on product” identifiers.

Tag-it Tech is TruTag Technologies’ exclusive global licensee for all applications in the cannabis industry.

TruTags are applied to consumable cannabis products using pure water or ambient air, without chemical additives or binders. They have been safely mixed with concentrates, oils and isolates as well. TruTags® are made from inert silica that has been classified as “safe for human” consumption by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and are being used by the pharmaceutical industry to tag and track prescription medications. TruTags are applied to seeds using a clear, organic, USDA-certified seed coating, and to vape cannisters and pens and product packaging using clear printer inks. Trutags cannot be removed from the products they track; they cannot be copied; and they are invisible to the naked eye.

Tag-it Tech’s Natural Tracking System (NTS®) provides almost instantaneous authentication of product origin and ownership. This enables cannabis companies to improve product quality controls, deter intellectual property and brand identity theft and improve government relations. NTS® also enables law enforcement agencies to improve compliance programs, reduce illegal activities, and increase tax revenues derived from licensed hemp and cannabis sales.

“We are pleased to be working with TheraCann International to provide the cannabis industry with revolutionary tracking solutions. We’re confident that confirming our solutions with TheraCann’s technology stack will result in successes that will lead to a global go-to-market agreement,” said Paul Schutt, Tag-it Tech’s CEO.

About Tag-it Tech:

Tag-it Tech Inc. provides micro-taggant based product tracking systems to commercial customers and State agencies managing licensed Cannabis programs. Tag-it Tech’s revolutionary Natural Tracking System® (NTS®), powered by TruTag Technologies, is designed and developed to address costly illegal Cannabis diversions to the black market that are challenging the industry and jeopardizing public health and safety. The NTS® provides law enforcement agencies and licensees alike with safe and secure product authentication; brand security; Cannabis product tracking data intelligence; and enterprise management solutions. Most significantly, Tag-it Tech’s NTS® effectively controls illegal Cannabis product diversions and increases State revenues generated by licensed Cannabis programs.

About TheraCann International:

Headquartered in Panama Pacifico, Panama TheraCann International maintains offices and operations in North America, Central and South America, Africa and Oceana and is actively expanding into new jurisdictions. TheraCann plans, designs, implements, trains and supports vertically integrated industrial cannabis cultivation, processing, packaging, quality assurance, and secure facilities worldwide Through Benchmark SOLUTION they provide Gold Standard facilities with technologies designed to track every gram, every penny of industrial cannabis while also ensuring batch repeatability and quality for large scale international off-take agreements. TheraCann’s full “turn-key” solution ensures that Clients, as well as regulatory bodies, receive a repeatable, economic, practical and scalable (“R.E.P.S”) cannabis operation whose primary objective is to produce “high quality, internationally compliant, low cost” cannabis. TheraCann identified the need to work directly with government regulatory bodies and has provided assistance to national governments in North, Central and South America, Africa, Oceana, and Europe.

For more information please contact Arron Kenna (aaron @tagittech.com) or Mackenzie Lewis ( mlewis@etchbio.solutions ).

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