Dave Tunnell: Getting political

June 2, 2018 GMT


Yesterday’s paper essentially declared the political primary season open. A few days ago, the editors seemed to say our system of nomination petitions was worthless. I think the primary season actually began at the first of the year with the petition process.

I don’t go and knock on doors for political purposes much anymore. The driveways in Lake Havasu are a lot steeper than they were ten years ago.

What I do know is that the petition process is a good way to learn the city and to gage the enthusiasm for particular candidates. If you want to do some of that, the clean election candidates still need folks to solicit $5 donations for them.

I have received my notice from the county recorder that my Permanent Early Voting List ballot will be sent to me a few weeks before the primary. I urge you to sign up for the Permanent Early Voting List. If you are as old as me, health things come up. If you are a young whipper snapper, stuff happens. PEVL gives you your best chance to be counted.

Now, let’s get political for just a moment. In the state legislature, we have a senator (Borelli) who seems moved only to try to make money for outdoor advertisers and propose meaningless pot laws.

His opponent, J’Aime Morgaine, at least cares about the district and its people. Our primary state representative, Regina Cobb, is being opposed in the primary by other Republicans. If you expect a reasonable person as opposed to an ultra so-called conservative to come out of a Mohave County Republican primary, you may not have been paying attention. Mary McCord Robinson is a viable alternative.

I have spent most of my adult life as a Democrat in seriously Republican counties. The Republicans have been in charge of the state legislature the entire 18 years I have lived in Lake Havasu City and have occupied the governor’s office two-thirds of that time.

And yet, there are still problems. And yet, those problems are always said to be the fault of the Democratic Party and never the Republican Party. A thinking person might well imagine that a little change might not be such a bad idea.

Dave Tunnell

Lake Havasu City