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Woman Dies Trapped in Sofa Bed

September 5, 2001 GMT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. (AP) _ A 75-year-old woman who got her arm caught in a sofa bed and was just inches from a telephone and a whistle died after being stuck for at least two days, police said.

Shirley Stocksdale’s cause of death is under investigation, but Medical Examiner Rebecca Hamilton said dehydration and emotional stress played a role.

Police found Stocksdale on Saturday after getting a call from a friend who was worried that the woman hadn’t been heard from for a few days.

Stocksdale was found rolled up in a blanket, her arm trapped up to her shoulder.

It was unclear how she got stuck. She may have been trying to lift the bed out of the sofa, perhaps to pick up something that had fallen under it, said police spokesman Angelo Bitsis.