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Council approves Sixth Street rezoning

January 17, 2018 GMT

The Beatrice City Council unanimously approved rezoning a stretch of Sixth Street at its meeting Monday night.

The rezoning of the area across the street from the Dempster building in Beatrice was spearheaded by Matt Ideus, who plans on opening a gun store at 606 S Sixth St. In order to sell products at the shop, the property needed to be rezoned from its general industrial to a general commercial designation, which was recommended by the Planning and Zoning Commission during a January meeting.

During the application process, city administrator Tobias Tempelmeyer said, the city looked at other properties in the area that could be rezoned to general commercial at the same time.

“If you remember, several years ago we went and rezoned everything along the highway, most everything along the highway to general commercial,” Tempelmeyer told the council. “The only area we hadn’t gotten to was this area down here. So, we had Matt go out and talk to the adjacent property owners as to who else would be willing to go from general industrial to general commercial.”

The city found eight additional parcels of land that could be changed to the designation in the area between 606 S. Sixth St. and 900 S. Sixth St. The area also contains the land where the large grain elevator was demolished in October and stretches nearly all the way to Caldwell Street.

The other parcels of land included on a separate application were both properties belonging to the city of Beatrice and private owners who wanted their land rezoned to general commercial, Tempelmeyer said.

“There’s one more property south of here that didn’t get rezoned,” Tempelmeyer said. “That gentleman at this point didn’t want to be rezoned. You go south of that one, it’s all city of Beatrice property and the flood plane. It’s still all technically general industrial, but it’s in the flood plane, so we did not rezone that one.”

The ordinance rezoning the area passed the council unanimously with all eight members voting in favor.