‘You gotta help me, you gotta help me’: The emotional 911 call after Jayme Closs was found

January 18, 2019 GMT

Before the world learned that Jayme Closs had been found on Jan. 10, the missing Barron County girl found herself sitting, improbably, in the living room of a northern Wisconsin couple petting their dog and wrapped in a blanket.

Held hostage in a cabin by Jake Thomas Patterson for 88 days, police said, Jayme escaped her captor just moments earlier and encountered a neighbor, Jeanne Nutter, who was out walking her dog. Nutter quickly took the girl to a nearby house, owned by Peter and Kristin Kasinskas, who called 911.

This is an edited transcript of that call, provided by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Kristin Kasinskas: “Hi, I have a young lady at my house right now and she says her name is Jayme Closs.”

Operator: “OK, what’s your address?”

[gives address]

Operator: “OK, have you seen her photo, ma’am?”

Kasinskas: “Yes, it’s her, I 100 percent think it’s her.”

Operator: “Does it look like she’s gonna run?”

Kasinskas: “No, she’s sitting down, she’s relaxing.”

Operator: “OK, hang on just a second. What’s your name?”

Kasinskas: “Kasinskas” [spells name]

Operator: “OK, did she show up walking?”

Kasinskas: “A neighbor just walked up with her to our house and asked us to call 911.”

Operator: “OK, hang on just a second.”

[Kasinskas can be heard asking Jayme if she needs a blanket or anything to drink]

Operator: “Kristin, I’m going to keep you on the line, OK?”

Kasinskas: “OK, yep, sounds good.”

Operator: “Kristin, is the neighbor that walked her up, is she still there?”

Kasinskas: “Yes, she is.”

Operator: “Can you ask the neighbor did the female just walk up to her house or how did she come across her?”

Kasinskas: “Hold on one second.”

[Kasinskas can be heard talking with Nutter]

Jeanne Nutter: “Hi, my name is Jeanne Nutter, we have a cabin up here in Gordon.”

Operator: “OK, ma’am, can I just get your name?”

Nutter: “Nutter.”

Operator: “OK, and do you have a cabin address?”

[gives address]

Nutter: “I’m not up here very often in the winter, I just happened to come up today. I didn’t want to bring her to my cabin.”

Operator: “So, how did she come up upon your cabin?”

Nutter: “I was walking my dog and we were almost home and she was walking toward me, crying, saying, ‘You gotta help me, you gotta help me.’ So, I didn’t want to go into my cabin because it’s too close to Patterson’s house.”

Operator: “And she said her name is Jayme Closs?”

Nutter: “Yep. And when I walked into this house, they recognized her immediately from posters.”

[Nutter can be heard asking Jayme if she knows when Patterson would be coming back]

Nutter: “She thought he was going to come back home at midnight.”

Operator: “Who’s going to come back?”

Nutter: “His name is Jake Patterson, Jake Thomas Patterson, she says. And apparently his house is two doors down from our cabin. So, we’re kinda scared because he might come, so if the cops could get here soon we would like that.”

Operator: “I have many deputies headed that way, I’m going to keep you on the line. And she said ‘I am Jayme Closs’?”

Nutter: “Yes. She said, ‘He killed my parents, I want to go home, help me.’”

Operator: “And what was the male’s name?”

Nutter: “Jake Patterson.”

Operator: “And she said he killed her parents and she wants to go home?”

Nutter: “Yes. She didn’t know where she was. When I saw her, she was saying, ‘Where am I, where am I?’ I said you’re in Wisconsin.”

Operator: “And did she say he’s gone right now? Are they at a cabin?”

Nutter: “I think he lives there year-round.”

Operator: “And he’s supposed to be back at midnight?”

Nutter: “Yes.”

Operator: Jeanne, can I get your telephone number? ... Do you have a cellphone?”

[gives cellphone number]

Operator: “OK, Jeanne, I’m gonna place you on hold OK, but don’t hang up.”

Operator: “I’ve got multiple deputies headed out there, so I just want you to stay on the line with me. Does she seem like she’s going to need medical attention at all?”

Nutter: “I would think yes. I was a social worker for 30 years, so yes.”

Operator: “What do you think is her medical condition right now?”

Nutter: “I think shock and cold. [To someone in the room]: A good thing happened here.”

Operator: “Yep, just try and speak very calm and if she feels, just don’t try to push her too much.”

Nutter: “No, we’re not.”

Operator: “OK ma’am, just stay on the line with me.”

Nutter: “I will.”

Operator: “Can you tell me how many people are in the house right now?”

[tells operator there are three adults in the home including herself, two children and two dogs.]

Operator: “Ma’am, my deputy he just wants you to lock the doors. And don’t let the dogs out or anything, just everybody stay inside until I can get deputies there.”

Nutter: “OK.”

Operator: “And I’m just going to start paging out medical, I’m going to have them stay in the area because I don’t want to have anybody come up into the house until the deputies get there, but I want them in the area, OK.


[Nutter can be heard telling Jayme “it’s going to be OK”]

Operator: “Jeanne, did she state how far away the house or the cabin is that she was at? Did she say where Jake is?”

Nutter: “She has no idea where he is, she told me that when he leaves her she doesn’t know that he’s gone, he turns the music up real loud. … he’s hidden her under a bed. He’s the only one that lives there.”

Operator: “Does she remember how far she was walking before she met up with you?”

Nutter: “She was like, maybe 100 yards from my cabin.”

Operator: “Does she seem comfortable right now?”

Nutter: “Yeah, we have her wrapped up in a blanket.”

Operator: “Do we know what type of vehicle or if he works anywhere?”

Nutter: “He doesn’t work, and I asked her what kind of car it was, it’s red, he used to be in the military, it’s a red car. There’s a bunch of cars in his driveway. I’ve walked by that place I can’t tell you how many times this year.” ...

Operator: “Do you know what road it’s on?”

Nutter: “It’s on Eau Claire Acres Road. It’s on the same road I live on. He’s two doors down from me.”

Operator: “Do you know Jake?”

Nutter: “No, we only come up here -- it’s a cabin -- we only come up here periodically, but he’s never been friendly or talked to me, and we’ve been here four years.”

Operator: “OK, have you seen him though?”

Nutter: “No. I don’t even know what he looks like.”


Nutter: “She said apparently all the friends that hang out at his place do not know who she is.”

Operator: “From the house that you’re at right now, where would that place be?”

[describes location of Jake Patterson’s house]

Nutter: “(There) was like a big, plug-in snowman at the end of the driveway. I tell I’ve been coming here four years and never seen his face.”

Operator: “And there’s a plug-in, what did you say?”

Nutter: “A plug-in snowman at the driveway.”

Operator: “At the driveway?”

Nutter: “Yeah, at Jake’s driveway.”

Operator: “And multiple cars?”

Nutter: “Yeah, multiple cars. And the driveway, I just walk by it when I go on the walk with my dog I walk the Eau Claire Acres circle, and I just noticed he hasn’t really plowed his driveway, it was just kind of swept at the end.”

Operator: “OK.”

Nutter: “I can hardly breathe, actually.”

Operator: “Yep. Nope. I understand.”

Nutter: “Whoa, my dog just sat on her lap.”

[Background chatter, deputies radioing]

Nutter: “She doesn’t have any shoes, she’s wearing his tennis shoes. Do you know what size shoes do you wear? Because I’ve got lots of shoes up here.”


Operator: “OK, and all the doors are locked?

Nutter: “Yes, all the doors are locked.”

Operator: “OK, so, I’m just gonna let you know, when the deputies pull up, they’re gonna give me instructions, you know, on how, if somebody were to come to the door, how they wanna handle it.”

Nutter: “Peter’s parents might be coming here in the middle of--”

Operator: “No. No, no no. No. He needs to call them right now and tell them do not go.”

Nutter: “OK, he’s going to try to get a hold of them.”

Operator: “Yeah, they need to not. I can’t have anybody showing up at that house right now.”

Nutter: “There’s such crappy cell service here.”

Operator: “I understand.”

Nutter: “So he’s going to try to call them and tell them not to come.”

Operator: “Absolutely. He needs to, yeah. And if they show up, because of the deputies, you need to tell them to leave right away.”

Nutter: “OK.”

Operator: “And what was his name? Peter?”

Nutter: “Peter.”


Operator: “Did he get a hold of his parents?”

Nutter: “Yeah.”

Operator: “OK, perfect.”


[Nutter talking to Jayme]

Nutter: “You don’t have a shirt on under there do you? You do? OK. I don’t want you to be cold.”


Operator: “They’re not far down the road, OK?

Nutter: “OK. There’s going to be dogs barking.”

Operator: “Is there any way, can you ask the homeowners to maybe put, I need the dogs to be put in maybe a shut room.”

Nutter: “OK.”

Operator: “So there’s gonna be a lot of deputies coming in. Or if it’s small enough that you can hold it.”

[Background chatter indicating dogs are being put in a bathroom.]

Operator: “It’s just, there’s gonna be a lot of commotion, dogs react differently. OK, perfect.”

Nutter: “I mean, my dog still might bark because he hasn’t been in here before.”

Nutter: “Are they close? We’re nervous.”

Operator: “They’re close. Hang on a second. They’re on Y right now.”

[Background chatter. Nutter says “I went for a walk at the right time. And you guys were home, thank god.”]

Operator: “Can you see the suspect’s house from where you’re at?”

Nutter: “No, cause the road kinda curves. The road curves, so we’re, Peter’s house is close to Y. It’s just too curvy and it’s very woody. They’ll see that when they get here. I can’t see his house from our cabin.”

Operator: “Because I’m not sure what they’re going to do. A couple of them are going to where you’re at and a couple of them will go to the suspect’s house. I’m not exactly, they have told me what they’re going to do yet, so we’re just kind of waiting here.”

[Background chatter]

Operator: “What was she saying to you?”

Nutter: “I was just asking if she was afraid, and she said, ‘No.’”

Operator: “OK, good. You guys are doing a good job of keeping her comfortable.”

Nutter: “And you’re doing a good job of keeping us calm.”

Operator: [laughs] “Well, that’s why we’re here.”

[Deputy asks over radio for suspect car description.]

Operator: “And you said the car Jake drives, did she tell you it’s a red car?”

Nutter: “It’s a red car, right. Do you know what kind of car it is? She has no idea. But it’s red. But there’s like, I don’t know, maybe eight cars in his driveway.”


Operator: “Are you guys all in like the living room, or where are you guys at in the house right now?”

Nutter: “Well, I was just making sure my dog was not scratching the door. We’re all in the living room.”

[Nutter describes location of the house]

Nutter: “Do you want Peter to be outside?”

Operator: “Nope, nope. Everybody needs to stay inside. I know he wants to help, but they’re just kind of figuring out who’s going to go where right now.”

Nutter: “Saying that he’s gonna be home at midnight is not a for sure thing, she doesn’t know where he went or what he does.

Operator: “Right.”


Nutter: “Okay, I see lights. Good. Maybe somebody’s here. OK, somebody’s here.

Operator: “OK, wait a minute.”

Nutter: “It’s a police officer.”

Operator: “You can see?”

Nutter: “How are we to let them in? Do you want, we need to let them in, right?”

Operator: “Hang on, I’m asking them right now. OK, was there a deputy that knocked on the door or you just saw him in the driveway?”

Nutter: “They’re in the house, the cops are in the house with us.”

Operator: “Oh, they’re in there with you?”

Nutter: “Yes, they just came in.”

Operator: “OK, Jeanne, perfect. Then I can let you go as long as the deputies are in there with you. OK. Thank you, good job.”