Children’s Hospital hosts gun buyback day in Providence

December 16, 2017

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Hasbro Children’s Hospital has partnered with local law enforcement to offer a Gun Buyback Day in Providence.

Guns can be brought to the Providence Housing Authority on Laurel Avenue until 1 p.m. Saturday.

The hospital says it’s holding the event in remembrance of the children and educators killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

It’s working with Providence Police and Providence’s public safety commissioner, as well as Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s also taking part in a national injury prevention program.

Gift cards will be given out for the first 100 working hand guns received. Gun locks will also be available.

Thursday marked five years since Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children and six educators at the Newtown, Connecticut school before turning the gun on himself.