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Thumbnail Sketches of MPRI’s Brass

November 23, 1995 GMT

Short sketches of some of the retired, high-ranking military officers who lend their expertise to Miltary Professional Resources Inc.:

GEN. FREDERICK J. KROESEN: 72 years old ... entered Army in World War II and retired 41 years later as commander of the U.S. Army in Europe ... veteran of the wars in Korea and Vietnam, holds a masters in international affairs ... commanded the Americal Division in Vietnam and the 82nd Airborne Division immediately after the war ... former Army vice chief of staff ... expert in force and manpower training and has worked with the armed forces of seven allied nations ... chairman of the MPRI board and one of the company’s founders.


MAJ. GEN. VERNON B. LEWIS JR.: Parlayed his Army skills in research and development into an entrepreneurial career after 29 years in the military ... veteran of three combat tours in two wars _ an artilleryman who has taught at the Army’s artillery and infantry schools ... on retirement in 1977, he founded Cypress International, a military consulting group that helped in work on the M-1 tank ... president and chief executive officer at MPRI.

ADMIRAL HUNTINGTON HARDISTY: Former test pilot with more than 100 combat missions in Southeast Asia ... served as vice chief of Naval operations, the No. 2 job in the U.S. Navy ... finished 38 years with the Navy as commander of the U.S. Pacific Command, the largest of U.S. unified commands ... director of operations for the Joint Chiefs ... appointed to the military advisory panel of the CIA ... a senior fellow at the National Defense University ... a member of the MPRI board of directors.

GEN. CARL W. STINER: 35-year Army veteran with combat experience in two wars ... has led elite mobile forces, from the 82nd Airborne Division to the U.S. Special Operations Command, where he was responsible for the readiness of special operations forces from all branches ... Joint Chiefs special envoy in Beirut when U.S. Marines were stationed there ... tactical commander of combat forces in the Panama invasion ... member of the MPRI board of directors.

LT. GEN. HARRY EDWARD SOYSTER: 60 years old ... specialized in artillery and intelligence operations during 33 years with the Army ... West Point graduate ... he served in Vietnam and later in Korea ... was head of Army intelligence and served as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency until retirement in 1991 ... vice president for international operations at MPRI.


GEN. MAXWELL R. THURMAN: Retirement announced in June 1989; five weeks later, after a meeting with President Bush, retirement was quietly called off and Thurman was appointed commander of the Southern Command in Panama, where he oversaw the Panama invasion in 1990 ... held numerous important posts, including the Army Training and Doctrine Command, the Joint Chiefs and the Army Recruiting Command ... listed as one of the fathers of AirLand Battle doctrine and the ``Be All You Can Be,″ recruiting campaign ... now 64, a member of the MPRI board of directors.

LT. GEN. RICHARD G. TREFRY: Rose from a World War II private to three-star general during 33 years in the Army ... after war, attended West Point ... Inspector General of the Army for six years and is a recognized expert in Army management, personnel and auditing ... served as advisor the U.S. embassy in Laos in the 1970s and was military assistant to George Bush in 1990 ... noted military historian, serves as program manager of the Army Force Management College ... MPRI executive vice president, corporate secretary and serves on the board of directors.

GEN. CARL E. VUONO: 61 ... expert in management and readiness ... as Army chief of staff, supervised the invasion of Panama and the Gulf War ... headed the Training and Doctrine Command, and the Combined Arms Center and served as deputy chief of staff for Operations and Plans ... served six tours overseas, including two combat tours in Vietnam as a artillery officer ... vice president and general manager of MPRI’s international group and serves on its board of directors.