George Clooney enjoyed torturing Matt Damon

September 10, 2017

George Clooney had “fun” torturing Matt Damon in ‘Suburbicon’.

The 56-year-old star directed his old friend in the 50s race relations satire - which he co-wrote with Grant Heslov and the Coen Brothers - and relished being able to put his pal into tricky situations during the shoot.

He laughed to the Toronto Sun newspaper: “It was fun to put Matt Damon on a little tiny tricycle.”

George admitted he and his writing partner, Grant, were angry when working on the Coens script but felt it was a very important subject to tackle.

He said: “I thought it was important to have these discussions about scapegoating minorities.

“Particularly when we were writing, it was about scapegoating Muslims and scapegoating Mexicans, and saying that these are people who are somehow taking away part of our rightful society, when, of course, immigrants have been the greatest addition to American society.”

And while George admitted the recent racial tension in Charlottesville, Virginia, was disheartening he didn’t feel it was anything new as there is something “always simmering” and called for “missing voices” to be heard.

He said: “It’s always simmering. It’s always down there. There’s a tension that’s still present. It’s frustrating when you see the leader of our country comparing two groups of people [Black Lives Matter, and the KKK] that have no business being compared. That’s a missing voice right now. We’ll get it back. That’s what we do.”

George has previously praised Matt as the “greatest actor” he’s ever known.

He said recently: “Matt’s the greatest actor I’ve ever worked with. In fact, I don’t know a better actor I’ve seen in my life. I’m trying to think if there’s a better actor. Nope, there’s not a better actor. No, there is not.”