Chuck Schumer calls GOP’s plan for Green New Deal vote a ‘cheap, cynical ploy’

February 14, 2019 GMT

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer on Thursday slammed Republicans for playing a “game of political gotcha” in planning to force a vote on the Green New Deal.

“This cheap, cynical ploy evidently represents the sum total of Senate Republicans’ leadership on the vital issue of climate change, an issue that cries out for serious engagement by members of both parties,” the New York Democrat said on the Senate floor.

“Rather than seriously engage on the issue, our Republican colleagues are taking a page from President Trump’s petty playbook trying to make this a game of political gotcha,” he said.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he plans to force a vote on the Green New Deal put forth by Sen. Ed Markey and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez so that Democrats can go “on record” on whether they support the radical plan, which aims to transition the country completely off fossil fuels within 10 years.

Mr. Schumer said the vote is an effort to “embarrass” Democrats.

“I say go for it. Bring it on,” the senator said. “Trust me, we’ll be fine. Because the American people know that our entire party actually believes that climate change is happening and it’s caused by humans.”