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Bondic Review – LED UV Liquid Plastic Welding Starter Kit – Latest Report Released 2020

June 5, 2020 GMT

New York, NY (Wired Release) Procom Communications INC: Souvenirs are prized possessions you have gathered over time. You can never get these relics anywhere else. You may still be holding on to the broken pieces for sentimentality’s sake if you have some products that have gotten broken, and you once treasured them a lot.

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A part of you probably hopes you will get a solution to how to put these pieces together. Maybe you could even go into the future to remake these relics. Or you could go back into time to stop them from breaking.

You don’t have to mess with time travel to get your relics restored to their original states. Here is a miracle solution in the form of Bondic, that will help restore your prized collection as it originally was. Read on to see what wonder is there.

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Knowing Bondic

Bondic is a near-magical formula of liquid plastic that bonds all kinds of material together using ultraviolet light. All it takes is for you to expose the plastic to the UV light, and it solidifies, sticking together whatever you are holding together. You can create a new project, repair broken relics, and even restore different house items.

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What’s in the Package

This product comes in a nifty, little metal case that keeps all its parts safe when in transit or storage. There are three parts you should expect when unsealing the product. The first part is 4 grams of liquid plastic that is in its bottle. You then have an applicator that you use to apply the liquid where you need it to bond. Finally, you have the UV light that solidifies the plastic when you expose it to the light.

How Bondic Functions

Bondic is plastic glue that works by drying through exposure to ultraviolet light. This liquid plastic bonds different materials from wood, ceramic, glass, metal, and other common materials. You can safely use this molten plastic anytime as it stays liquid for as long as it is available. It is not affected by heat or air like regular glue, but it maintains its structure until you finish it.

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Using Bondic

Bondic is an easy-to-use glue that works in just four seconds. What you need to do is clean and dry the pieces that you need to stick together. You will then ensure that they fit together perfectly. Next, roughen the places that are going to come into contact with the plastic. After that, you can insert the plastic holder into the applicator. The applicator will allow you to apply the right amount of molten plastic to the right places.

After this application process, you take the LED UV light emitter and shine it on the plastic, which will solidify within four seconds. You can apply the adhesive more than once to fit the place you are placing it in. Once you do this and it has filled the place adequately, you can sand off the excess plastic so that it flows with the shape of your project.

Amount of Bondic to Use

Each unique case determines the amount of Bondic to use. Filling of cracks and joining two ceramic pieces take up different amounts of molten plastic. Different materials also require different amounts of plastic to bond together. Use discretion to see how to use the liquid plastic.

Bondic Safety Standards

The liquid plastic used as an adhesive in this formula is unique to itself. It does not have any fumes when it solidifies or gets exposed to air. That means it will not affect your respiratory system. It is a transparent adhesive that only hardens when you expose it to UV light. This exposure to UV light ensures you do not have anything sticking where you did not intend it to. These features make it an impressively safe product to use.

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Bondic Advantages

This revolutionary product offers several benefits you will enjoy when you use it. First, it gives you strength unparalleled to any other adhesive in the market. It provides you safety, keeping your body from the harmful effects of ordinary adhesives. The product gives you full control of how the glue will affect your project by giving you an applicator and the UV light that determines when the glue will solidify. You also get a long-lasting product as it does not harden when exposed to the elements.

Cost Options

There are three price models available for this product. All you need to do is head to the manufacturer’s website. One bonding kit costs $19.99 only and includes shipping and handling charges. Purchasing two bonding kits for $39.98 gives you access to a free third bonding kit. There is the best value pack that lets you buy three packages for just $59.97. You then get two extra packages free of charge. You get free shipping within the US when you buy the two and three kit packages.

Bondic Refund Policy

The company has an active refund policy that covers you for thirty days after you have received the product. You should communicate to the company before 30 days have elapsed if you have a complaint and want to return it. You will get a return merchandise authorization number that allows you to return the product. You can also return the product if you find it faulty when you receive it. You can return it within seven days.

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How much molten plastic do I get per tube?

You will get 4 grams of molten plastic per tube.

Can I potentially harm myself when using this adhesive?

This plastic adhesive is one of the safest products of its class in the market. You can use it safely without fear of harming yourself.

Final Verdict

There are different adhesives out there that promise to give you stellar results until you try them on and find yourself in a sad state. You do not have to expose yourself to such situations ever again. There is a safe and trustworthy adhesive you find in Bondic, the only adhesive that dries permanently using UV light. Try it today and get to testify of its strength and safety like so many others before you.

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