Let folks learn from indiscretions -- Dr. Ron Johnson

February 13, 2019

I am distressed at the nearly universal judgment that has been made of Virginia Gov. Northam for his unfortunate behavior some 30 years ago. But I believe we need to understand such things and learn from them.

We have heard of many intelligent and capable politicians, judges and other important figures who now have to justify, explain, admit or deny doing things that were hurtful or even harmful, but now have been seen as youthful indiscretions.

Certainly, I am ashamed of things I said or did 60, 50, 40 or 10 years ago, but hopefully I have learned from such things and continue to learn from them to improve my character. If all of my mistakes had been made public, I might have lost my license, my freedom or my life.

I apologize to all those whom I have offended or harmed.

Dr. Ron Johnson, clinical psychologist, Lodi and Madison