Listen to the accusers of Bill Clinton -- John A. Schrandt

December 8, 2017 GMT

I recently watched a news conference on the One America News cable station featuring a number of women from the past, such as Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick detailing their accusations against Bill Clinton and the threats and abuse they suffered as a result.

At the same time they reveal the shocking and incredible abuses by members of Congress and the taxpayer funds paid out of a slush fund to silence the victims of these abuses. Along with the settlements paid, confidentiality agreements were secured to keep the American public completely in the dark about this ongoing disgrace.

Perhaps the political cartoonists featured in the Wisconsin State Journal can take a five-minute break from ridiculing President Donald Trump to comment on this egregious abuse of power. The taxpaying public deserve some degree of honesty from the swamp in Washington. Oh, I forgot, they think we work for them, not they for us.

John A. Schrandt, Madison