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Torrington replacing City Park equipment

June 24, 2018 GMT

TORRINGTON, Wyo. — Using grant money, the City of Torrington is replacing the playground equipment at City Park this summer.

City engineer Mark Weis said the old equipment had deteriorated in the 20 years since it was installed.

“It was still usable,” he said, “but it was on the verge of us taking it down anyhow.”

The new equipment is essentially an updated version of the old.

“You’ve got climbing pieces, you’ve got slides on it, there’s places for kids to run around, there’s a little bridge,” he said. “Physically, it looks a little different, but the enjoyment factor’s about the same.”

Weis said the equipment was found on sale for around $20,000 and purchased through a grant from the county’s recreation board. The city is putting the equipment together, which is a first for Weis.

“We’ve had a few struggles trying to figure things out,” he said. “You’re working off pictures and they provide you with a bag of bolts, but the main structure is up now.”

Upon completion, the city’s safety inspector will test the equipment to ensure everything is properly installed.

As of June 21, the concrete for the structure had been poured and the site’s ground still requires leveling. The equipment, Weis said, seems to be set too high at the moment.

“We have to put 9 inches of pea gravel underneath it,” he said, “and the equipment needs to be above that. It looks deceiving right now.”

Once the city is finished working on the equipment, a contractor will step in to lay a concrete barrier around the equipment to contain the pea gravel. Weis hopes work will be done in a few more weeks, depending on delays.