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AP PHOTOS: Along migrant trail, people rest where they can


Tens of thousands of people trying to escape conflict and poverty in places like Syria and Afghanistan have been making their way across Europe this summer and fall, embarking on grueling journeys that typically start with a short boat trip from Turkey to Greece, then continue north and west on foot and by bus and train.

Most make their way through the less hospitable nations of Eastern Europe as quickly as possible, en route to more welcoming countries such as Germany and Sweden. Still, the journeys can take weeks.

They catch a few minutes or hours of rest where they can: on trains and buses, in fields, along roadsides, and, in the case of children, in their parents’ arms.

Here’s a gallery of images by Muhammed Muheisen, Associated Press chief photographer for the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan, showing people at rest along the migrant trail in Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Austria and Germany over the past three weeks.

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