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Ultramodern style meets traditional hospitality

September 9, 2018 GMT

Next week will see Tammi Weinsweig’s home busy with caterers, volunteers, golf carts, tents and more as it is readied for the Bella Luce VIII’s “Evening of Light” cocktail party. Hospice has a special place in Weinsweig’s heart in that the organization took care of her dad and grandfather in their final days.

She said, “When my friend, Betsy Wilson suggested I have the cocktail party here I couldn’t say no. It is a way of giving back. It is a wonderful organization and I have all this open space along the river for them to easily use.”

Guests will not only be treated to drinks, hors d’oeuvres and a silent auction but also to a lovely view of the Ohio River with the Weinsweig home in the background. The idea for this ultramodern abode came about while Weinsweig and her late husband David were visiting Israel several years back.


The couple was quite taken with the modern architecture so often found in Israel that they returned home with the vision of a similar house of their own.

They embraced the interesting geometric angles and sweeping roofs so evident in the clean swept homes they found on that trip.

Weinsweig related, “My husband loved the idea of our home being next to the water so we built on the banks of the Ohio River. We brought home plans for a house like we had seen in Israel but had to have them adjusted locally by Edward Tucker Architects to meet the needs of this climate. Israel has very little rain so their homes don’t have drain pipes and gutters so things like that needed to be addressed.”

The elements of angles, sweeping ceilings, open spaces, walls of windows and flat roofs readily describe the Weinsweig home. Interestingly enough, though we call this “modern architecture” it has its roots in the 1920s and 1930s.

Historically many German Architects who fled Nazi Germany spread their movement of modern architecture throughout the world. They embraced non decorated surfaces, ribbon windows and outdoor living spaces all that add to the timeless description of Tammi Weinsweig’s home.

The outdoor vision of this wonderful home is just not limited to angles and glass but to a lovely pool area behind the house. Weinsweig enjoys this space with her family commenting about how they spend so much time there in the summer time. With a giant fire place flanking this outdoor entertainment area the patio and pool area can be used up into the cooler months of the year.

She said, “My daughters are in the water all the time. They would take their meals there if possible. The kids really do love it.”


Inside on the other side of the outdoor fireplace is a spectacular indoor fireplace. Covered in black granite from Israel it reaches skyward into the vast ceiling area. Though it is the focal point of this open floor plan other elements of the space also draw the eye. The wall of windows speaks to the lovely view of the Ohio and the open wooden staircase harnessed with steel banisters juts into the foyer inviting the folks to the second level. This is very much a family-oriented home with a cozy home theater, a children’s play room and a very practical kitchen and dining area adjacent to the great room.

Though visitors to the cocktail party will not see the inside of this house, they will enjoy the views of the exterior from the river bank. Weinsweig is looking forward to the party, as are her children, who are manning golf carts to drive anyone who needs it from the parking area to the party area.

If one wants to just enjoy the cocktail party and not one of the dinners they may do so for a $75 contribution and a call to Hospice at 304-529-4217.