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Cleveland rock band The Midnight Slander premieres new song ‘Fires’

March 7, 2018

Cleveland rock band The Midnight Slander premieres new song ‘Fires’

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland rock band The Midnight Slander has sporadically released batches of songs over the past few years. Now, the the group is gearing up to release its newest EP, “Alaska.”

Today, you can get a sneak peek of the three-song project with a premiere of a new song, “Fires.” Listen below.

Guitarist Drew Maziasz said the song is his favorite off of the upcoming EP.

“We wanted to write something that was slightly political but not have it be really obvious and up front what the subject matter was,” he said. “In terms of all the guitar overdubs I got to put on it, just to indulge myself, that was fun to do on my end.”

The EP, like all of The Midnight Slander’s releases, blends together folk and alternative rock elements. The band began while guitarist Dave Conner was living in South Carolina. Drummer-keyboardist Mike Gray and former bassist Al Rodriguez made the trek back and forth for practices and gigs.

Later, Conner moved back to Cleveland, and Rodriguez had to move out of state for work. He was replaced with bassist Pierson Trimarchi. In the interim, the band expanded its original trio formation and added Maziasz on guitar.

Adding Maziasz was a turning point for The Midnight Slander, according to Gray. “That really changed the sound for the better. As a trio, we were still writing folkier dry music,” Gray said. “It was good but it was limited. And Drew, he has this flowy open ambient style of guitar playing. It just opened up all of the songs, completely changed the sound for the better.”

Although The Midnight Slander added a second guitarist, Gray maintains his spot playing both the drums and keys. The experience playing both instruments was a challenge at first. Now, it’s a part of The Midnight Slander’s identity.

“It would be pretty simple to have someone come play organ or keys, but I really like ridiculous challenges. So we’ve just kept it that way,” said Gray.

The Midnight Slander will release its “Alaska” EP this Friday. In addition to “Fires,” it will include “Morning Glow” and “Stars.” The band will officially release the new music with a Friday show at Mahall’s 20 Lanes, 13200 Madison Ave., Lakewood. Tickets cost $5-7.