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‘The Priceton Student’ Returns To Campus

January 27, 1987 GMT

STOCKBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) _ After a peaceful, 22-year stay at an estate in the Berkshire Hills, ″The Princeton Student″ sculpture has been shipped back to the campus where it once was mocked and vandalized.

In hopes that today’s Princeton undergraduates will treat the 74-year-old statue of Christian Student Movement founder William Earl Dodge more kindly, it was delivered to the New Jersey university Monday from the Chesterwood estate of sculptor Daniel Chester French.

The statue was put in storage in 1931 after students toppled it and dragged it across campus. The work, symbolizing students’ religious ideals and innocence, was loaned to Chesterwood years in 1965.

The work was commissioned in 1908 by Dodge’s brother, Cleveland Dodge. It was completed by in 1913 by French, best known for his work on the Lincoln Memorial and the statue of The Minuteman at Concord.