Pothole Hotline Number Corrected

February 14, 2018 GMT

WILKES-BARRE — Mayor Tony George’s office on Tuesday released a new — and working — phone number to call to report the locations of potholes in the city. The correct “Pothole Hotline” number is 570-208-4237. Callers should provide the street address or intersection nearest to the pothole. A “technical error” led the city to release a non-working hotline number on Monday. The city said it has multiple Department of Public Works crews, dubbed the “Pothole Patrol,” out to address potholes on city streets. The city also patches potholes on state-owned roads that run through the city, such as Route 309, according to city Operations Director Butch Frati. The city has a contract with the state Department of Transportation and receives “a small stipend” annually to fix state roads within city limits, he said. — STEVE MOCARSKY