Diane Keaton backs James Norton for Bond

June 11, 2017

Diane Keaton wants James Norton to be the next James Bond.

The 71-year-old actress thinks her ‘Hampstead’ co-star - who plays her on-screen son in the upcoming movie - has exactly what it takes to take on the role of the suave British spy when Daniel Craig eventually steps down.

She gushed: “Don’t you think he’s going to be the next James Bond? We were all talking about it on the set of ‘Hampstead’. He ticks every box - he’s beautiful, he’s a man, he’s very sexy, he is smart and he even went to Cambridge.”

The 31-year-old actor was left amazed but flattered by his co-star’s comments, and admitted he was unsurprised by her plain speaking.

He told Event magazine: “I can’t quite believe she said that. But then again I can. Diane is exactly what you want her to be like, which is basically like no one else but her.

“As soon as I met her it was like seeing Annie Hall; not just the way she dresses but the way she talks, the ways she behaves. She just constantly asks questions. She wanted to know all about my girlfriend, my family, how I’d renovated my flat.”

But James insisted any talk linking him to the role is just speculation - and if he was offered the iconic part, he’d want Diane by his side on screen again.

He said: “Just to be mentioned in the same sentence as James Bond is a pretty big compliment as far as I’m concerned. But so far - even though people talk about it - it’s just speculation.

“But if it ever comes to pass that there is in the future even the remotest conversation about Bond, there will only be one condition as far as I am concerned, which would be to have Diane Keaton as a Bond girl. I don’t see why that couldn’t happen. She’s beautiful, she’s as iconic as Bond himself. It’s definitely a plan.”