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Transcripts of 911 Calls

February 3, 1995 GMT

Transcripts of 911 calls Nicole Brown Simpson made to police on Oct. 25, 1993. The second call was digitally analyzed and enhanced in June 1994 for The Associated Press by audio expert George Papcun of Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, N.M.

Nicole: Can you send someone to my house?

Dispatcher: What’s the problem there?

Nicole: My ex-husband has just broken into my house and he’s ranting and raving outside in the front yard.

Dispatcher: Has he been drinking or anything?

Nicole: No. But he’s crazy.


Dispatcher: Did he hit you?

Nicole: No.

Dispatcher: Do you have a restraining order against him?

Nicole: No.

Dispatcher: What is your name?

Nicole: Nicole Simpson.


Dispatcher puts out domestic violence call for any patrol car to respond to her address in Brentwood. About 50 seconds later, Nicole Simpson calls back:

Dispatcher: 911 Emergency.

Nicole: Could you get someone over here now, to 325 Gretna Green. He’s back. Please.

Dispatcher: What does he look like?

Nicole: He’s O.J. Simpson. I think you know his record. Could you just send somebody over here?

Dispatcher: OK. What is he doing there?

Nicole: He just drove up again. (She begins to cry.) Could you please send somebody over?

Dispatcher: Wait a minute. What kind of a car is he in?

Nicole: He’s in a white Bronco. First of all, he broke the door down to get in.

Dispatcher: Wait a minute, what’s your name?

Nicole: Nicole Simpson.

Dispatcher: OK, is he the sportscaster or whatever?

Nicole: Yeah. Thank you.

Dispatcher: Wait a minute, we’re sending the police. What is he doing? Is he threatening you?

Nicole: He’s (obscenity) going nuts (sobs).

Dispatcher: OK. Has he threatened you in any way or is he just harassing you?

Nicole: (Deep breath) You’re going to hear him in a minute. He’s about to come in again.

Dispatcher: OK, just stay on the line.

Nicole: I don’t want to stay on the line. He’s going to beat the (obscenity) out of me. (Deep breath).

Dispatcher: Wait a minute, just stay on the line so we can know what’s going on until the police get there, OK? OK Nicole?

Nicole: Uh-huh.

Dispatcher: Just a moment. Does he have any weapons?

Nicole: I don’t know. He went home, and now he’s back. The kids are upstairs sleeping and I don’t want anything to happen.

Dispatcher: OK, just a moment. Is he on drugs or anything?

Nicole: No.

Dispatcher: OK.

Nicole: (Deep breath).

Dispatcher: Just stay on the line. Just in case he comes in, I need to hear what’s going on, all right?

Nicole: Can you hear him outside?

Dispatcher: Is he yelling?

Nicole: Yup.

Dispatcher: OK. Is he, has he been drinking?

Nicole: No.

Dispatcher: OK. (Speaking over radio to police units:) Additional on the domestic violence, 325 South Gretna Green Way. The suspect is, has returned in a white Bronco. Monitor comments. Incident (unintelligible).

Dispatcher: Nicole, is he still outdoors or (unintelligible).

Nicole: Uh-huh. He’s in the back yard.

Dispatcher: In the back yard?

Nicole: Screaming at my roommate about me and at me (unintelligible) here.

Dispatcher: OK. What is he saying?

Nicole: Oh, something about some guy I know and hookers and keys. I started this (obscenity) before and (unintelligible).

Dispatcher: Um-hum.

Nicole: And it’s all my fault and `Now what am I going to do, get the police in on this,′ and the whole thing.

Dispatcher: OK.

Nicole: Brother. And it’s all my fault, I started this before. He told me to get the (unintelligible).

Dispatcher: OK, has he hit you today? Or no?

Nicole: No.

Dispatcher: You don’t need any paramedics or anything.

Nicole: Uh-uh.

Dispatcher: OK, you just want him to leave?

Nicole: He broke my door. He broke the whole back door in.

Dispatcher: And then he left and he came back?

Nicole: And he came and he practically knocked my upstairs door down but he pounded it and then he screamed and hollered and I tried to get him out of the bedroom because the kids were sleeping in there.

Dispatcher: Um-hum. OK.

Nicole: And then he wanted somebody’s phone number and I gave him my phone book and was going to (unintelligible) or I gave (unintelligible) put my phone book down to write, to write down the phone number that he wanted and then he took my phone book with all my stuff in it.

Dispatcher: OK. So basically you guys have just been arguing?

O.J.: Worked his (obscenity) off for this family (unintelligible). My drug addict (unintelligible) his (obscenity) girlfriend and my (unintelligible) (obscenity) (unintelligible).

Dispatcher: Is he inside right now?

Nicole: Yeah, yeah.

Dispatcher: OK, just a moment.

O.J.: (unintelligible). He’s a nut, a skunk, and (unintelligible).

Dispatcher: Is he talking to you?

Nicole: Yeah.

Dispatcher: Are you locked in a room or something?

Nicole: No. He can come right in. I’m not going where the kids are because the kids are (unintelligible).

Dispatcher: You think he’s going to hit you?

Nicole: I don’t know.

Dispatcher: Stay on the line. OK?

O.J.: So (obscenity) drunk last Friday he almost (unintelligible).

Dispatcher: What is he saying?

Nicole: What?

Dispatcher: What is he saying?

Nicole: What else.

O.J.: (unintelligible). I asked you tonight. Don’t go (unintelligible).

Police radio: 61, give me (unintelligible) possible DPAs on a (unintelligible).

Dispatcher: Domestic violence at 30, correction, 325 South Gretna Green Way. The subject has entered.