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Crash-related fatalities increasing in Greater Akron, but serious-injury accidents are down, three-year study shows

December 14, 2018

Crash-related fatalities increasing in Greater Akron, but serious-injury accidents are down, three-year study shows

AKRON, Ohio — Crash-related fatalities in Greater Akron have increased while serious-injury accidents have decreased, according to Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study’s latest findings, “2015-2017 Crash Report.”

Sixty deaths occurred due to crashes in the area in 2017, up from 49 in 2015 and 54 in 2016, the three-year study found.

Injuries related to crashes decreased from 6,419 in 2015 to 6,200 in 2017 and vehicular accidents in the area declined slightly from 18,802 in 2015 to 18,787 in 2015.

Decreases detailed in the report may be due to safety improvements in the area, Dave Pulay, the agency’s transportation-improvement program coordinator, said in a news release 

Safety technologies on vehicles, including blind-spot notification systems and rear-view cameras, are among these improvements.

New left turn lanes, signals and roundabouts may also contribute to the decrease in serious crash-related injuries. 

The study identified 179 high-crash roadway sections and 316 high-crash intersections in the region, according to the report.

Akron has the most locations listed for both high-crash categories in the report because it has the largest amount of roadway sections and intersections in the region.

The report indicates no fatal bicycle crashes occurred in 2017, while 66 percent of bicycle-related crashes happened at intersections during the three years analyzed for the report.

Pedestrian crashes decreased from 179 in 2015 to 156 in 2017. Per the report, October is the peak month for pedestrian-related crashes.

The agency analyzed approximately 59,000 motor vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian-related crashes in Akron’s roadway sections and intersections. The Ohio Department of Transportation provided the records for the report.

Local communities can use the report as a basis for seeking Highway Safety Program funds through the Ohio Department of Transportation for safety improvement projects in high-crash locations.

The full “2015-2017 Crash Report” is available at the Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study’s website. 

Visit amatsplanning.org for more information.

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