ISLESBORO, Maine (AP) — A Maine-based Greenpeace activist is among 30 demonstrators being held in Russia while authorities decide whether to charge him with piracy.

Peter Wilcox of Islesboro has been jailed after the Russian coast guard disrupted a protest last week near an offshore oil platform.

Wilcox, 60, is captain of a Greenpeace ship that sailed into the waters off northwest Russia on Sept. 18. The ship sent out five inflatable boats and activists planned to protest against Russian oil giant Gazprom's plan to drill in the Artic. The Russian coast guard stopped most of the boats and two activists who got to the drilling platform were driven away by water cannons, the Portland Press Herald reports ( ).

The ship was towed to Murmansk. On Thursday a judge said the 30 activists would be held, some for two months, while the demonstration is investigated.

Wilcox's wife Maggy said she hasn't been able to speak to him since he was taken into custody last week. She said Greenpeace and the U.S. State Department are giving her updates on his status.

"We have no idea where they're being held," she said Friday.

Keiller MacDuff, a spokeswoman for Greenpeace in New York, said the group has not been able to talk to activists. Greenpeace's lawyers have appealed the court's decision, she said.


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