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‘Everybody could use a good deal:’ Gas prices fall below $1.50 in parts of central NC

January 3, 2019 GMT

Drivers in Wayne County waited in long lines Wednesday to fill up with gas for less than $1.50 per gallon.

At one point Wednesday evening, the line for gas stretched the length of the parking lot of a Dollar General in Pikeville, where gas was priced at $1.47 per gallon.

Mindy Glover has already put gas in her tank a few times this week.

“Several days, they just keep dropping. Today they’re $1.47. Yesterday, it was $1.50. I got it yesterday for $1.50,” Glover said.

Every penny saved is something to be thankful for.

“I’m a P.E. teacher, so the prices are definitely very good for us, especially after Christmas,” Glover said. “Everybody could use a good deal.”


News travels fast, however, when there is a good deal.

“I’ve been here a lot of times. It gets halfway full and I come right back and fill up,” Pikeville resident Trivia Hall said.

Gas prices at the Dollar General are 78 cents below the national average, which sits at $2.25, according to AAA. The $1.47 per gallon price is 67 cents below the average in North Carolina.

“We had to come up here to see the grandbabies, so I said ‘Well, while I’m here I might as well fill up before I go back to Greenville, because it’s $2.23 in Greenville,’” one traveler said.

Everybody at the gas station Wednesday night said it was worth waiting in line for their turn to fill up.

“Our small town, Pikeville, this is big for us for this to be lined out,” Glover said. “I came yesterday and several days they ran out and this afternoon they filled back up, so it’s been exciting, but we’ve been loving the good prices.”

Last Thursday, gas prices at the same Dollar General were $1.65, meaning prices have dropped nearly 20 cents in less than a week.