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Magazine Devoted to ‘Complexity of the Mediterranean’

November 29, 1995

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) _ Politicians weren’t the only ones promoting Mediterranean-wide community at the first Euro-Mediterranean conference.

Kenneth Brown was working the halls Monday and Tuesday trying to drum up interest in Mediterraneans, a magazine of articles, fiction and poetry about the region that stretches from Morocco to Lebanon and back to Spain.

Brown, a retired professor of social history from the decidedly un-Mediterranean University of Manchester, calls the bilingual magazine published in Paris ``an attempt to look at the complexity of all cultures of the Mediterranean.″

Brown, a 59-year-old Los Angeles native, and co-editor Hannah Davis are trying to cover the $5,000 cost of publishing 1,200 copies twice a year.

The theme of the current issue is bridges, and the next will be devoted to Alexandria, Egypt, a crossroads of the Mediterranean for millennia.

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