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Your Turn: Feb. 2

February 2, 2019

Teddy hit road, tooIt may seem unusual to us now that Beto O’Rourke would take a solo road trip away from family and friends to reflect on things after his House term ended, but he was certainly not the first politician to do so.As a rising star, Theodore Roosevelt was involved in a particularly contentious Republican convention in June 1884 and did not back the winning candidate. In February, he had lost both his mother and first wife on the same day. Later that year, he retired from politics, left his infant daughter with his sister and moved to the Badlands of North Dakota to live in solitude as a rancher.Obviously, his career didn’t end there.Judith B. SobréTreat humanelyRe: “Why is the Bexar County Jail so broken?” Opinion, Sunday:Thanks to columnist Josh Brodesky for his devastating summary of the Bexar County jail system. Pulling it together in a column helped Express-News readers understand the horrible place it can be for those incarcerated, even temporarily.These are often troubled folks, many with mental and/or substance abuse issues. They deserve to be treated humanely. Something is missing at the top and in the hiring and training. Let’s hope these conditions will be corrected as quickly as possible for the sake of our community.Barbara MoschnerTwo budget lawsI’d like to suggest two laws that will eliminate major opportunities for political mischief.First, pass a law that when the government cannot pass a budget, the government will not shut down but will continue at current funding levels until the appropriate legislation is passed — an automatic continuing resolution.Second, I’d like a law that eliminates the debt limit. Congress has legislated to spend the money, and it’s up to them to figure out how to pay for it, but our county’s bills must be paid on time. Period. Full stop.Richard Hicks