Man charged with fatally being dog with rock released

November 27, 2019

MALDEN, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts man charged with bludgeoning his dog to death with a rock then burying the body in his backyard told investigators he talked to a veterinarian friend about euthanizing the 17-year-old pet.

Adam Crook, of Melrose, was released with no bail after pleading not guilty to animal cruelty on Tuesday.

Melrose police says the say 44-year-old Crook dragged his dog from his home on Friday night and struck the animal in the head with a large rock about 20 times.

A home health aide working at a home nearby home witnessed the attack and alerted authorities.

When officers went to his home on Sunday with a search warrant, he eventually showed them where the dog was buried.

Crook refused to speak to reporters outside of court.