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Bill Thomas: What Omar really said

April 18, 2019 GMT

Editor: Fred Barber’s letter started with misinformation, as he quoted the “ Muslim Congresswoman” Ilhan Omar as stating that the Sept. 11 terrorists “Did something and stuff happened.”

I implore that Fred should Google the clip ( I did ), and what she really said was “ Some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties!” As you recall the months following Sept. 11, people that looked like they might be Muslim were being detained and persecuted. Fred, said “The congresswoman should shut her mouth!” Fred, did you say that because she is a woman? Or is it because she is a Muslim woman? Fred went on to say that he would not have a Muslim friend, that they believe in a false god, and that Christians are being killed everyday.

“Lastly Fred states that he is offended by the congresswoman’s cold words and total lack of empathy!”

MY grandpappy always said, “ Ain’t that the kettle calling the pot black?” Fred, you are blinded by your fear ! You just disparaged 1 billion, 600 million Muslims throughout the World, and stated that you can’t be friends with any of them. Well Fred, that’s your loss, and I’m afraid that the Jesus I’m so fond of, might shake his head in disbelief and sorrow, when hearing your hateful words.

Bill Thomas

Lake Havasu City