Helping the Monarchs: Local Girl Scouts team up to aid butterflies at new children’s home

April 23, 2017 GMT

HARLINGEN — They’re now Monarch Wranglers.

Earlier this month, several Girl Scout troops based in Harlingen, participated in a planting day in partnership with Texan by Nature, a nonprofit founded by former First Lady Laura Bush.

This was the first planting day of two with the intention of creating habitat essential to the monarch butterfly by planting native species and removing invasive species.

The Girl Scout troop in Harlingen recently partnered with Texan by Nature to become a Monarch Wrangler.

The Monarch Wrangler is Texan by Nature’s first statewide initiative which provides Texas employers, organizations, and individuals with a result-oriented and meaningful way to get involved in creating habitats essential to the monarch butterfly through planting natives, removing invasive species and tagging or tracking monarchs.


As a Monarch Wrangler, the Girl Scouts of Harlingen held a planting day at the new Valley Haven Children’s Home, taking their weekend to plant native species around their grounds to both beautify the area and promote the conservation of a species whose numbers continue to decline year after year.

The Girl Scout troops based in Harlingen were a wonderful fit for the Monarch Wrangler program.

A multi-level troop with scouts ranging from kindergarten to middle school, many of their lessons and activities are based on stewardship and the means necessary to promote it.

This planting day was the perfect project for the Girl Scouts to promote stewardship and work together to enhance the beauty of Valley Haven Children’s Home and welfare of the monarch butterfly in Texas.

The Girl Scouts in Harlingen will be having another planting day on April 30, at the Primera Community Garden.

More information is available on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/harlingen.girlscouts/posts/433629056982475, their service Harlingen Service unit manager is Danielle Pena, and her email is danielledodier@hotmail.com.

What is Texan by Nature?

Formerly Taking Care of Texas, Texan by Nature was founded in 2011 by former First Lady Laura Bush to align the broad interests of conservation groups with business, healthcare, schools, the scientific community, and faith-based organizations.

The organization’s core belief is that our state’s prosperity and quality of life are strongly linked to the conservation of natural resources, so it is Texan by Nature’s mission to spur Texan-led conservation that produces tangible benefits for people, prosperity, and natural resources.

They accomplish this by bringing the message of conservation to new audiences and activating new investments in conservation that are Texan-led, community-organized, and science-based.